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Our Philosophy

Some of the things we believe in...

Right designs save problems later

Engineering designs should be in harmony with the building architecture and structure. More time getting the concept right saves money on construction & improves space planning accuracy at the outset.

Clients have a right to stable experienced teams

Consultants desiring of a long term repeat business relationship with their clients should invest in it by keeping project personnel changes to a minimum. This provides to the most efficient delivery – with lower fees for the client and better returns for the consultant.

Listening to clients is the best way to please them

Many clients have a wealth of experience from their multiple developments and know what they want, time taken establishing a good communicative relationship is a worthwhile investment.

A good design properly thought through is often a simple one

Complex designs are less easily understood by installers and maintainers. Energy usage and installation cost are usually less with simpler solutions.
Early interaction with all project stakeholders reaps rewards…everything from helping the architect develop a sustainable design to getting contractors views on buildability and ease of commissioning improves the end result.
Designers should be aware of their clients business goals for project

Developments and provide solutions to suit

If an icon is wanted design it… if it is not remember that the building is part of the clients business and should perform accordingly.